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Yule King - Enchanted Witchery Sabbat Candle for Peace, Love, Light & Abundance

Yule King - Enchanted Witchery Sabbat Candle for Peace, Love, Light & Abundance

Enchanted Witchery

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The Celebration of Yule, the Winter Solstice is one for Pagans that stirs Happiness & Joy as we welcome the rebirth of the Lord of the Green, the Sun God. The Yule King.
As the Wheel of the year turns we pass through the seasons of life, death & rebirth.
Upon the Winter Solstice we rejoice as the Sun God is once again reborn, in his infant state, he will now begin to grow stronger in power to warm the lands once more.
The Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year. the shortest day. Darkness reigns for just a short time and as the Sun appears the next day it now begins to grow stronger in the sky.
A time of much rejoice for the villages of days gone by, as they relied upon this Great Sun God to bring forth the light and warmth needed to flourish the earth.
Today in modern times we still celebrate his return, look forward to the days of warm light ahead and make merriment in his honor.

The Enchanted Witchery ~ Yule King Candle is one to use upon your Altar, within your Scared Space or to adorn your home with the warmth of his light.
The radiant glow of this candles flame will bring peace to the home, warmth, love and light in abundance of blessings.

A 2x3 Pillar candle scented in pure Balsam & White Pine.
Approx. Burn Time 40-45 hours
Color: Deep Forest Green with draping ribbons of wax in rich Red Berry
Adorned with a kiss of Frost and seasonal botanical
Tied with Golden & Green Organza Ribbons

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