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Woodland Faeries - Old World Spellary Candle - For faerie magick

Woodland Faeries - Old World Spellary Candle - For faerie magick

Enchanted Witchery

  • $ 1995

Deep with in the forest on a snow moonlit night.. if you listen and watch carefully you will see the Woodland Snow Faeries take flight.. they dance beneath the Moonlight and Frolic in the glistening snow.. and if you seek their wisdom this they will too let you know.
Their Energy that's as brilliant as the crystals that form upon bow of tree.. these are the Woodland Faeries.. Nature Spirits that are Mystical & Endearing.. Their magick filled with glee
If you believe in Faeries and know their Magical Ways this candle will bring their Powers to your Rituals at Yule. A Sabbat Holy Day.
Welcome them into your Circle.. and if you are very lucky they will let you watch them dance and play.

Woodland Snow Faeries is a candle that was created for the Faerie lover. Whether you work with the Fey in your Rituals of Magick or just inwardly know they exist this candle will assist in inviting them to your Winter ~ Yuletide Celebration Rites...

We can all use a little Faerie Energy in our life..

1 ~ 3x3 Candle of Deep Hunter Green draped with ribbons of wax in Pure White.
Scented in Cedar and White Pine
Adorned with a shimmering Green Organza ribbons and dusted with glistening white snow.

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