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Witches Shield of Protection - 7 Day Vigil Candle - Protection from Psychic Vampires, Nasty Energies, Jealousy, Envy, & the Evil Eye

Witches Shield of Protection - 7 Day Vigil Candle - Protection from Psychic Vampires, Nasty Energies, Jealousy, Envy, & the Evil Eye

Enchanted Witchery

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To Blanket the home with a powerful layer of Protection, the Witches Shield is the candle to call upon.
We are always confronted with Negative, Evil Energies on a daily bases, most times we do not even know that we have encounter these negative influences. We can be innocent bystanders when some one shatters, initially spraying negativity at all who are in their path. Being around negative people in the work place is another situation that we sometimes have very little control over. Being in the presence of Negativity we can become carriers even if we are not of this nature.
Carrying these energies into the one place that we hold Sacred & Secure… our home.

Encountering people who just zap your energies… Psychic Vampires, Nasty, Rude, Jealous, Envious, those who cast the Evil Eye?
The Witches Shield candle can combat all of these energies and then some.
Have you battled an Ex that persistently still seeks to toss the horrible negative energies your way… wish you bad after you have clearly moved on? Witches Shield of Protection is like a source of Armor, shielding & repelling these energies.
It can be used as a general Protection Candle for the Home to Protect or when worked for specific intent it can work its magick strongly to cast away the energies, people & situations that no longer serve. Keeping your self & home clean and beaming with pure white light.

Enchanted Witchery 7 Day Vigil Candles are handcrafted, dressed & anointed to bring forth a very power candle of Intent. Each is loaded with appropriate Herbs, Resins, & drenched with Witches Oils. Many are charged with Crystals.
The candle is a traditional 7 day ~ Pull Out ~ Vigil Candle
You can remove the candle from the Glass Holder included and dress it further or Carve on the actual candle its self.
These candles are intended to burn continuously for a full Seven days.
Keeping a candle burning unattended in not recommended.
The candle can be extinguished by snuffing it out ~ Never Blow out a Magickal Candle ~ and relighting it when you are able to keep watch. This will not interrupt it‘s energies..
Each has been Blessed & Charged with in correct light of Moon for added power.
As with any Magickal Candle time will vary in it’s burning.
The Approx. Burn Time for these candles is 7 days.
Size: 3x 8.5 Glass Encased Pillar


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