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White Magick ~ Love Spell Old World Spellary Candle

White Magick ~ Love Spell Old World Spellary Candle

Enchanted Witchery

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White Magick Love Spell~ Old World Spellary candle
With in the realm of what is called White Magick we Practice the Craft for the Good of All. To Harm None and never to use Magick to manipulate another. This holds especially true for Love Magick..... but there is nothing that says that we can't sweeten the attraction that already exists..

This Love Spell Charmer has been crafted to do just that. It’s intoxicating scent of Red Raspberries, Strawberries & just a hint of Rose will fill the air with a romantic scent.
Set the stage for the sweetness of heart to grow sweeter.
Use in Rituals to strengthen a Love Bond, Have a relationship grow more intense & invoke a heart felt warmth. It can even be used to attract a New Love with Honest intent.
A Pure White Enchanted Witchery Candle with a softened essence of Berries & Rose is Draped in Ribbons of Black, Raspberry & Pink Wax. Dressed and Anointed with Organic Garden Botanical to Match & Adorned with a Silver Heart Charm.( charm may vary)

2x4 Pillar
Approximate Burn time: 50+ hours
Although My Candles have been thoughtfully created to assist in Ritual Magick, they may be used by anyone who seeks the radiant glow of the flame to light their world

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