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Money Drawing ~ Witches Spell Resin ~ Money Spells, Prosperity, Good Fortune

Money Drawing ~ Witches Spell Resin ~ Money Spells, Prosperity, Good Fortune

Enchanted Witchery

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Use in Spells & Rituals when seeking to Draw Money, Wealth & Prosperity
Burn a little on a Thursday while burning our Money Drawing Sacred Flame candle by
it’s side to draw in the energies of abundance & prosperity.

In the Craft, although scent is a very powerful tool a witches incense needs
to be created from the correct herbal compound as well.
Enchanted Witchery Witches Spell Resin blends will serve with outstanding work.
They are blended by hand, & are filled with the finest pure resins available.
Imported from throughout the world these magickal blends are drenched in
pure premium grade essential oils and plant extracts along with Organic Honeys,
and natural Tree Saps all gathered here in the Pennsylvanian Woodlands & Forests.
The herbals used in their formulas are all natural, organic and grown
here in the Enchanted Witchery Gardens.
They arrive to you fully charged & blessed & are ready for use.
They will bring a very high vibration to your Spells, Rituals and workings..
Each I have used personally in my own Spells & Ritual Rites with great success now you can too.
Packaged in a resealable zip lock bag assuring that they remain as fresh as the day you purchase them.
The bag size is 3x4” in size with approx. 2oz. of Resin within.
Just a pinch upon a hot incense charcoal is all that is needed to release their magick...
HINT: Be sure that your charcoal is fully lit and do allow it to turn completely white before using the resin.
This will allow you to use just a small amount when working with it.
There are many intents available in the shop.

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