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Mini Spell Chime Candles - Set of 10 - YELLOW

Mini Spell Chime Candles - Set of 10 - YELLOW

Enchanted Witchery

  • $ 495

Every Witch has a time when a little mini spell magick is at hand.
Mini Spell candles are perfect for ritual use, spell workings and very easy to take along when traveling or preforming
ritual work in natural surroundings.
Tuck them in to your traveling altar bag and you are good to go.
They burn at a much faster rate then larger size candles, so when time is of the essence you can still cast a spell and not have
to wait an extended period of time for your candle to expire.
Available in an array of different colors, they are unscented allowing for you to easily anoint your favorite Enchanted Witchery Oil upon.
Each is approx. 4 x .50 inches in size and burn for approx. 2-3 hours

Set of 10 Mini Spell Magick Candles ~ Yellow

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