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Milk & Honey - Imbolc Candle - Feast of Waxing Light

Milk & Honey - Imbolc Candle - Feast of Waxing Light

Enchanted Witchery

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Imbolc the Pagan Celebration & Ritual Rite for the returning of Spring. Imbolc refers to the turn in the season and the subsequent pregnancy of ewes, and is also a Celtic term for Spring. Its translation in Old Gaelic means" in the belly" It is also known as the ‘feast of the waxing light’ as the Goddess returns from the underworld a pregnant virgin.

It is the time of new beginnings, as the land is made pure to prepare for spring. It is the rite of the maiden, a time for celebrating new beginnings, purity and initiations. The maiden passes through the country blessing the land. It is a fire and moon rite.

A tradition of old is to prepare a mixture of pure white flowers, creamy milk & sweet pure honey of the bee's.. it is then spread upon the gardens and fields to purify the land and bring forth renewal and blessings of fertility from the Goddess.

The Enchanted Witchery candle Milk & Honey has been created in this same tradition..
A beautifully Scented candle in Pure Vanilla Cream & Sweet Golden Honey..
Place upon your Ritual Altar during your celebration of Inbolc to symbolize the purification and renewal of the Earth, fertility, new beginnings and the warming of the land.

This candle is Pure White in color with draping ribbons of Wax in the shade of Honey.
A high amount of Essential Oils & Natural Essences have been used to give this candle a beautiful scent throw.
Available in Many Sizes
Dressed with Pure White & Honey Colored Shimmer
Adorned with White & Honey colored Ribbons & Moon Charm ~ (Charm may vary)
Approx. Burn time: 35-40 hours

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