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Mabon Sabbat ~ Sacred Flames Affiration Candle

Mabon Sabbat ~ Sacred Flames Affiration Candle

Enchanted Witchery

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With in the Old Religion we celebrate the Festival of Mabon.
The Autumn Equinox which falls on or around September 21st.
A time of Fullness & Bounty as it is the second Harvest Sabbat.
We give thanks to The Lord & Lady for that which has been bestowed upon us..

It is the time that the Goddess begins her descent into the Underworld.
We begin to see the decline in the greenery of nature as all begins to die off.
Winter is coming. We bid ye farewell & prepare for the deep darkness ahead.
With many of the final crops being harvested & stored for this time.
The Great Wheel turns once more & shall turn again. The cycle of life death & rebirth.

The Mabon Sabbat Candle is one to use in your rituals and sacred rites upon this festival.
It may be used in spell work & ritual for giving thanks, to bring blessings & abundance through the darkness of Winter.  You may work with this candle in rituals that honor the Goddess Inanna, Demeter & Persephone.
Approx. Burn Time 45+ hours
Scent: Warmed Woods Roasted Nuts & Spice mingle with Pumpkin & Vanilla.
Color: Deep Burnt Rust


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