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JUSTICE BE SERVED - Alchemy Spell Candle - When justice needs to be served.

JUSTICE BE SERVED - Alchemy Spell Candle - When justice needs to be served.

Enchanted Witchery

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Alchemy Spell Candle ~JUSTICE BE SERVED
Burn when seeking to balance the scales of justice.
Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood & Cypress

1~ 18 Hour Alchemy Candle

Enchanted Witchery Alchemy Spell Candles are a blending of Old World Magic and Modern Day Convenience.
Each has been carefully formulated with Herbs & Herbal Potion Oils to bring forth a powerful pack to all your Ritual Rites, Spells & Conjuring, yet they are user Friendly.
You do not have to be a practitioner of the Craft or have Magickal experience to us them.
Each candle in the Alchemy Spell Candle Line has been crafted beneath the Correct light of Moon with in the appropriate Astrological Phase. Hand poured, Witch made, charged & ready to use.
Each has an intoxicating scent which are all exclusive to Enchanted Witchery as the potion oils have all been hand blended here in the Enchanted Witchery Apothecary.

Our Alchemy Potions are powerful in their own right as each is made with the use of pure essential oils, organic herbs, roots & botanical and left to charge upon the Ritual Altar for three turns of the Moon.
A steeping process allowing for all the natural vibrational properties of the herbs to
penetrate the potion oil. Each extract is then processed, strained and what is left is a pure potion of power.
Here at Enchanted Witchery we Craft in the Old Tradition to bring you Authentic Witch Offerings filled with Magick!

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