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Hekate's Wrath ~ The Deity Collection ~ Enchanted Witchery

Hekate's Wrath ~ The Deity Collection ~ Enchanted Witchery

Enchanted Witchery

  • $ 3995

A towering 3x9 Pillar of Witchery!
Hekate’s Wrath ~ Now if you are a Witch you most probably have worked with this Dark Goddess she who is called The Queen of The Witches, gatekeeper of the underworld, the guardian of the crossroads. A triple goddess with grand powers. She in one face can be the nurturing goddess an on the other when called forth to do battle she will devour all who dare to step in her way. Most often we see her depicted as the crone, a wise old woman who holds the secrets to the mysteries of magick.
Mighty Hekate, she is one to call upon when you seek a clever warrior who when needed will fight as a mother fights for her child. She is the goddess to work with when seeking justice as she will not stand for the harming of a Witch.
Never take this goddess for granted and toy with her generosities, she is not here to serve at your beckon call but will always come forth when respect & reverence is shown.
It is traditional to have an altar set just for her & workings involved with this goddess.
This is one of the most outstanding Hekate Candles that we have ever offered. Months in the making, as the timing need be just right. Working with the goddess in all aspects in it’s creation.
It may be used when invoking this goddess, for baneful & banishing witchery. When seeking justice be served.
Working with the powers of the Underworld & this Dark Goddesses Energies.
A beautiful tribute to the powers of The Queen of the Witches.
Solid Black ~ 3x9 Pillar ~ Approx. 170 hours + burn time 
Dressed with Herbal Resin of Myrrh, Cypress, & Saffron to name just a few of the 13 within the blend. The candles scent is that of the dark earth with hints of Bitter Apple, Myrrh & Sweet Tobacco.

Also Available in 3x6" Pillar candle
Approx. Burn Time: 70 + hours

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