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Enchanted Witchery

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To be used in all Spell Workings & Rituals & When Magic is Needed.. To bring forth Positive Energies in healing Mind, Body & Spirit.

2x6 pillar candle
Color: Deep Blue
Scent: Honeysuckle, Cedar, Mint, Eucalyptus

Witch Made From Natural Premium Waxes & Only Pure Essential Oils.
Dressed With an Organic Herbal Spell Blend of herbs, Roots, Resins & Botanical
Highly Scented and Filled With Pure Magick!

Candle Magick has been used for centuries to invoke needed change. The light of the Scared Flame fuels the power of ones desire.Whether being used with in Sacred Ritual, Ceremonial Magick or Spell Casting using the power of Candle Magick has long been The Witches Choice.
Sacred Flames Intent Candles have been created with the utmost care in the selection of
Pure Essential Oils & Organic Herbal Blends used to craft one on the finest Intent candles available.
Made with in the correct light of Moon & Astrological timing.
The candle arrives with a special affirmation & suggest use.
Many The Light of The Scared Flame Always burn Brightly in your Life.

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*Please do understand this is not a substitute for proper medical attention, or treatment and is not to be used as such.

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