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Candles of the Elements Set ~ The Watchtower Altar Candles

Candles of the Elements Set ~ The Watchtower Altar Candles

Enchanted Witchery

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With in the Witches Circle we mark the four Quarters, the Gates of the Elements also known as the Watchtowers the Cardinal Points upon the Compass.
We call to the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire & Water.
We work with these mighty powers with in ritual & call upon them to fuel our Spells, protect our sacred space & all who are within.
They Are the Watchers, The Guardians, the grand entities that protect us within the Sacred Circle.
Each of the Elements has a set of Elementals that dwell within, all working with us in Ritual & Magic

This beautiful Altar Set has been create for use within the Sacred Circle, Upon your Altar or for working with The Elements individual powers.
Each is a 2x6 Pillar candle
Lightly scented with pure Essential Oils of Frankincense & Myrrh.
They have been crafted in a very light scent so that you may apply additional oils of choice.
Approx. Burn Time : 60 plus hours each candle
Yellow ~ Air
Green ~ Earth
Blue ~ Water
Red ~ Fire

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