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Blackthorn Oil - Protection, Curses, Hexes - Protection & Reversal Magick

Blackthorn Oil - Protection, Curses, Hexes - Protection & Reversal Magick

Enchanted Witchery

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Blackthorn oil is a labor intense oil. It is only made but once a year here at EW. The shrub which throws beautiful white clusters of flowers in early spring are then given way to the berries which do not come to full ripeness until the month of Oct.
The oils & juice of the berries is then crafted into an intense oil.
The harvesting of the berries must be done at just the right time or the potency of the oils within will become weakened.
The amount of berries used to make the oil is large thus for only allowing me to create small amounts of the potion oil for offer.
It is most used in the craft as a powerful protection tool as well as an intense aid for casting a curse or hex.
In our workings here it is most often used to work magick against one or those who have cast upon another and it has the ability to send back to where is has come.
There are many witches that will use it as a revenge oil against another who has cast negative magick upon the witch.
It may be used in all forms of magickal arts where Protection & Reversal are worked.
4 dram Apothecary Bottle

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