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Binding Magick~ Old World Spellary Candle

Binding Magick~ Old World Spellary Candle

Enchanted Witchery

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When the word Binding is mentioned for many this produces images of binding a person against their will, causing a result in a ritual rite that is less then the working of White Magick.. So what exactly is a binding Spell and when is it used?
A binding Spell can be used in protection rituals and magick to seize another from doing us harm, it can be used in spells for binding a particular situation happening in our lives, it can be a binding on one's self to stop a bad habit, rid an unwanted emotion or stop a person from harming themselves in many different ways. It can be used to get rid of what no longer serves.

If we are using a binding spell to bind another it should always be done with out harm to this person.
We can bind another from speaking ill of us, directing negative magick toward us and keeping the Evil Eye of others off of us.

In the laws of Magick a binding is seen as self protection. If you are a Witch but do not practice Wicca, then this will be a common spell used when needed, with no thought to any rules. For those who practice Wicca however it is a Spell that raises questions, as the Wiccan Rede says to Harm None.

In my many years of teaching I have this question asked of me over and over again.
“Isn't it true that we are not allowed to bind another or use binding magick? “
The answer is always the same.
If you have studied the Wiccan Rede in depth, you will uncover the many mysterious with in.
The most outstanding statement is “An Ye Harm None” well with in this the word None also includes one’s self. If we do not take care of ourselves, we are indeed harming. If we do not respect the body as our temple, sacred space, then we are harming. So if we know we are under attack and stand with our hands behind our back and allow it to take place, then we are in an indirect & direct way harming ourselves?

Binding magick is serious magick and not meant to be used lightly. We simply do not go around binding people for no good reason. However if we are under attack it is by the laws of magick that we shall protect thy self.
With this being said, we can indeed protect, bind, freeze and remove things that are causing us harm.
The Enchanted Witchery Binding candle is one I have used for many, many moons when in need. It is not one I reach for often and is used when all other forms of Spell work have been exhausted.
It is a powerful candle of Intent and is filled with both Oils & Herbs that get the job done when needed.
Powered by:
Oil of Rue, Black Pepper Oil, Calamus Root, Rosemary & Myrrh, Sandalwood & Solomon Seal Root are just a few of the ingredients used to craft this candle.
Size: 2x3 Pillar
Approx Burn time: 35- 40 hours
Color: Deep Burgundy
Note: ( I have always found it best to use just one candle per Magickal Rite when concerning Binding Magick. I do not suggest using this candle for multiple binding Spells by burning it for one and then saving it for another.)
When all else has failed this is the candle to have on hand for your Binding Magick.

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