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Avalon Old World Spellary Candle - For Celtic, Druid Magick - Avalonian Mysteries

Avalon Old World Spellary Candle - For Celtic, Druid Magick - Avalonian Mysteries

Enchanted Witchery

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The Ancient Isle of Avalon.. part the Mists and ye shall see the Ancient Isle of Magic & Mystery
The tale of Avalon is one that is known by all who believe in the mystical realm beyond this world, the otherworld.
Sacred to the Celtic who honor its deep mystical ways. presided over by 9 priestesses who governed this world with deep devotion to the One Goddess.. with the Queen Witch among them being Sorceress High Priestess Morgan Le Fay.
From this enchanted land of Sorcery & Magick, known as the sacred land of Apples from where its name was derived, we honor the "Old Ways" and have created with this The Enchanted Witchery candle Avalon
The Ancient beliefs of the Celts teaches us of the folklore the presides around this sacred realm..the Isle of Avalon dwells within each of us, and for those seeking the wisdom & mysteries they shall unveil all this mystical world has to offer. Immortality, Ancient Wisdom, Secret Prophecy, & Enlightenment.

Its beauty captures the very essence of the mystical ways of Avalon allowing one to travel into the depths of Magick, drawing on the powers of this ancient land with in your own workings.
Used as a Witches Sorcery & Spell working candle it will assist as a focus candle to raise the energies of the cone of power for positive movement.
Avalonian Magick, Celtic Magic & Ancient Mysteries
It honors the Ancestors and brings forth their knowledge, use when you wish to seek the connection to them and their teachings.
This 2x3 pillar candle is highly scented in our own Mists of Avalon Fragrance, with notes of white Apple Blossom, Musk, Sandalwood & Juniper...draped with ribbons of wax and dressed with Celtic Herbs, Sacred Woods & Natural Resins. Blessed with in the Sacred Stone circle beneath the light of the Moon, with in ritual to call upon the Ancients Blessings and bestow their wisdom's.
Adorned with Black Flowing Natural Gauze

Color: Astounding shades of Teal, Turquoise & Black
Size: 2x3 Pillar
Approx. Burn Time: 35 ~ 40 Hours
Enchanted Witchery ™
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