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Autumn Magick ~ Altar Illuminating Candle ~ 2x9 Pillar

Autumn Magick ~ Altar Illuminating Candle ~ 2x9 Pillar

Enchanted Witchery

  • $ 1995

Enchanted Witchery Illuminating Altar Candles are highly scented and filled with magickal intent.
Bring Blessings & Positive energies to you Ritual Altar Space by keeping one burning during
Ritual & Magickal Practice.
Each stands a towering 9"inches tall.
They are available in many different scents and colors to coordinate with your Altar decor.

Autumn Magick ~ Illuminating Altar Candle
Size ~ 2x9 Pillar
Scent: Delicious Autumn Magick ~ an exclusive scent created by Enchanted Witchery
A mulling of scents that capture the Autumn Season and will keep you reaching for it each time you hold Ritual.
Color: Autumn Orange

It is by tradition that a center candle be placed upon the Altar in the middle. This is what is known as a Reading candle or Witches working candle.
It is the one candle that is lit before the ritual circle is cast, before any other candle is lit and all other candles are then lit then from this candle.
They can be in any color that the Witch selects and can be scented or unscented.

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