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Witches Herbs & Botanical Magical Properties - The Witches Herbal Apothecary

A general guide to the magickal properties of herbs for use in herbal magick.
Each is listed with it's gender, planet & element reference.

Feminine, Moon, Water.
Magickal Properties: Beauty, protection, success, peace.
A soothing herb for the skin.  Strong as a healing herb.  It may be use in blends for healing & good health.

Masculine, Venus, Fire.
Magickal Properties: Protection, Exorcism.
It may be grown in the witches garden as a protection herb. Carry the root in a mojo bag or sachet as a protection amulet. Burn the dried herbs in exorcism & protection rituals.

Masculine, Jupiter or Moon, Air.
Magickal Properties: Protection, purification, awareness, joy.
A perfect choice for protection incense, oil or used in a sachet to ward off evil.

Masculine, Mars, Fire
Magickal Properties: Protection, love, wealth  healing relationships, ensuring faithfulness in a mate, courage, fertility, exorcism.
Carried in the wallet it brings a positive flow of cash.


Masculine, Sun, Fire.
Magickal Properties: Psychic visions and dreams, repels negativity and evil.
Write a wish or desire upon the leaf and burn it in a candles flame or cauldron to send it off for manifestation


Masculine, Sun, Air.
Magickal Properties: Used widely in purification incenses. Tincture of benzoin preserves oils and preparations.
Use with Frankincense to create a strong purification incense, burn before ritual to create sacred space.


Masculine, Jupiter, Fire.
Magickal Properties:  Add to incense blends  for protection and purification. Sleep on a pillow stuffed with betony to prevent nightmares.

Masculine, Mercury, Air
Magickal Properties: Protection, Passion, Prosperity
Use in love sachets, mojo’s & charm bags to attract a lover in the more physical aspect.
Carry in a green charm bag along with patchouli & Irish Moss to attract & gain prosperity & good fortune


Feminine, Venus, Water.
Magickal Properties : Sacred to Bast, Cat magic, Witches Familiars, Joy,Happiness, Friendship, Love.


Masculine, Sun or Venus, Water.
Magickal Properties: Peace, Protection, Healing, Calming
Use in blends when seeking to promote a sense of well being, a calming of spirit.

Masculine, Jupiter, Earth.
Magickal Properties: Protection, Money, Prosperity, Purification
Hung in the home & placed on doors and windows for protection from evil forces. Use in spells and charms for prosperity, money, purification and protection.
Perfect in Money Spell Incense