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About Us

Greetings & Welcome to The Official Site of Enchanted Witchery,
Enchanted Witchery is a realm of Authentic Witchcraft Products designed to be used by all, be ye witch or not.
Crafted, Blessed & Charged in the spirit of the Old Ways.
We are a family run business on a mission to provide the Pagan Community true witchery products, the kind that are created within the correct light of moon, proper astrological timing and instilled with the powers of the craft.
At the helm our Head Witch Lady MoonRaven.  A Practicing witch for over 30 years & High Priestess to the Coven of Luna Octda Ludar.
Our lady is the designer & creator of all the Enchanted Witchery products that you will find within the site.
If it is a candle, incense, oil or brew you can rest assured that her hands & magick have been used in the making.
She is assisted by a family dedicated to preserving the craft & providing outstanding products for all to experience.

We do hope that you enjoy your visit with us.
Thank you for stopping into our realm.
Please take a moment to read through our policies: