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White Birch - Renewal, Cleansing, Purification

White Birch - Renewal, Cleansing, Purification

Enchanted Witchery

  • $ 1450

The Enchanted Witchery White Birch candle is one to select when seeking to renew your surroundings.
Cleansing, Purification & Blessings from the Divine.
A beautiful candle for the Yuletide season or for the Sabbat of Imbolc
It is the season to begin a new, new life of the Sun God now stirs. He who brings the rays of the sun to warm the earth so all may grow when nurtured & tended.
A cleansing of old energies that may linger about make way for the freshness of light.

This candle may be used in ritual & spells or simply burned within the home for the beautiful energies of it's illuminating light.
2x3 Pillar

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