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Apothecary Herbal Blends

Herbal Witchery has been used for centuries. Witches throughout the centuries have know that what magick lies deep with in the herbal garden & deep woodlands to where they grow. The spirit of the plant can be brought to life and commanded to work the magick at hand. Vibrations are high and the energy does flow.
We gather and conjure with this all in mind when we work herbal magick.
Selecting just the right plant or botanical for its spirit, inner energy. Knowing this information allows the Witch to blend several & many herbs & Botanical together to get just the right spirit, energy. With this blend the spirits of the plants do indeed assist.

Apothecary Herbal Blends are a fusion of specially selected herbs, roots & botanical all gathered and for specific intent.  They are organic grown in the witches garden or wildcrafted from the mystical mountains of Pennsylvania & Hudson Valley region of New York.
The blends are intense, their scents beguiling and their purpose many.
They may be used as an herbal offering to Deity. Placed within an offering bowl their vibration & spirit will fill a room.
Use them when casting magic spells. They can be incorporated into your own working with ease.
They may be used to fill Poppets & Sachets or Mojo bags.
Consecrate the ritual circle before magickal rites using one that resonates with the same intent of the ritual.

They may be mixed & blended with additional magickal oils that you feel will enhance your working. Blend them for ritual baths as their scents are divine and will transport to other realms.
Place a ring of herbal around one of our Enchanted Witchery candles or your own spell candle and free the intensity of the working rise.
Toss some into the cauldron fire when seeking to send the spell off to the universe for manifestation.
We are sure you will come up with your very own way of working with these incredible blends as well. Sheer Herbal Magick from The Witches Apothecary.