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Ancient Apothecary Resins

Enchanted Witchery - Ancient Apothecary Resins Beyond the realm of ordinary, they are extraordinary and in a realm all their own. These intensely esoteric resins are created from formulas exclusive to The Enchanted Witchery Witches Apothecary. 
Hand blended with Organic Herbals, rare Botanical & earthy Resin compounds.  Each is rich with wildcrafted tree saps harvested when the moon is right. 
Included in these mystical blends is a bouquet of essences created from pure organic essential oils that come from around the world,  natural plant extracts crafted here in the apothecary & botanical sugar syrups that are created from rare plant oils & organic brown sugar.
Rich magickal resins composed of earth bound ingredients that when ignited transcend to the outer realms.
The witchery worked within the resins is where the magick begins.  Each of the formulas requires ritual workings to awaken the blend. The correct timing is crucial in formulating and the energies raised in the workings high.
When seeking a Superior Incense Resin for your magickal & spiritual practice look no further then
Enchanted Witchery Ancient Apothecary Resins. Beyond the realm of ordinary, they are extraordinary.